Routine Maintenance

Daily Routine Maintenance Tasks: Defragmentation, cleaning of temporary files, system tune up and more, performed in a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Network Administration

Create, reset and administer new user's accounts, profiles and other configurations. Create new email accounts, assign resources and install printers and other required software.

Server Management

Support and maintenance for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, MSSQL and other back office systems.

Help Desk

Access to support personnel through trouble ticket, chat, email, and phone

Remote Support

Fast response and resolution to most common problems by remote controlling your computer

Onsite Support

On-site Technical Support for problems that can't be resolved remotely.


Computer and Server Monitoring Services and proactive remediation of any alarm that could indicate a future problem.

Backup Email Server

Hold and release email in case of your server goes offline. All your email is routed through our stand-by email server to provide redundancy to your messaging infrastructure.


Local and Remote Backup of your critical files. All your documents are stored locally and at our secure facility. Backups performed at least once a day and monitored by our technicians.

End Point Security

Protection against malware, viruses and cyber attacks with Advanced Endpoint Security, featuring today's latest technology to fight file-less and script based threats and can rollback a ransomware attack

Email Security

Reduce up to 99% of SPAM email and protect against email delivered viruses, phishing and other scams. Provides filtering, whitelisting, and blacklisting of messages.

Internet Filtering

Category and Address based website traffic filtering, script based threat protection and bandwidth usage and monitoring

Password Management

Design and apply passwords policies in your network, enforce strong passwords and expiration as well as screen timeouts, account lock outs and more.

Patching & Updates

Keep Microsoft and other third party software up to date for better security. Automated critical patched protects computers from the latest known attacks


Ensure IPS security features are available and enable in your gateway to secure all traffic going in and out of your network. Keep firewalls up to date and with the latest definitions installed.

Internal Security Monitoring

Monitor and verify internal security for possible changes in your internal configurations, rogue users, unauthorized logons and more

Data Encryption

Data protection on the move. Encryption secures information inside USB drives in case of theft of lost.

Multi Factor Authentication

Protection for your data even if your password gets compromised. This is a must for networks but also for websites, social media and other user accounts.

Dark Web Research

Combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.


HIPAA and PCI Compiance Management. A team of experts that will guide you through the ins and outs of keeping you in compliance.


HIPAA Compliance and Security Education for your employees

Audit and Assessments

Audit and Security Assessments and discoveries to maintain the highest levels of protection.

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