IT Security Assessments


Information security assessment is the process of discovering security problems. ContinuIT's security assessment is part of our security management process designed to lock down and protect our customer's networks and information systems. Our security assessments and reporting are also important when compliance with HIPAA security standards is necessary, like for all our customers in the healthcare industry.

By executing a security assessment, our customers will identify their level of exposure and determine the best way to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, downtime and costly loss of data.

Based on the results of the security assessment, a comprehensive management program can be implemented to define, enforce and monitor the security measures that will address the security risks.

Security assessments must be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that changes to the environment have not created a higher level of risk and that the policies and procedures defined are continuously implemented.

As security assessments are the first step in the security management cycle, ContinuIT security assessment is the first step in our ongoing network and security management service, the "ContinuIT Office"

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