ContinuIT, a multi-layered approach to network security


ContinuIT, a multi-layered approach to network security

July 27, 2018
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Securing a network requires a multi-layer approach. The ContinuIT Network is protected from threats and attacks that spread through email, Internet browsing, file sharing and more by monitoring and filtering at multiple locations inside and outside the network.

Internal and external security monitoring and remediation are key to ensuring that what had been secured, continues to be even though the normal changes to the network, the usage patterns of the users and the ever evolving tricks hackers use to take advantage of the people operating the technology.

As data flows through the network, ContinuIT (short for “continuous information technology availability”, our ultimate goal as a security company) inspects, analyzes and blocks threats at many points.

As an example, let’s analyze email flow to review the different points where a threat is filtered and blocked.

Even before an email message comes into the customer’s server (being it cloud or on premises), email is filtered and analyzed for reputation, viruses, phishing scams, social engineering scams and more. An email deemed safe is then relayed to the email server for delivery.

Either before reaching the email server (on premises servers) or before the user accesses their mailbox (cloud servers), the data needs to go through the perimeter of the network, where the ContinuIT Managed Firewall inspects the traffic for other problems, ensuring that only the intended data is delivered. In this way, a hacker cannot replace information or embed a trojan horse in the data flow.

Once the email reaches the customer server, the local spam and antivirus technology will again scan the messages. If there was any threat that was delivered directly to the mail server or from one internal user to another, then it is blocked and removed at this level.

Once the email reaches the user’s mailbox, the local (ContinuIT End Point Security) system reviews again the messages for possible infection. If an attachment is opened and it contains a threat, then it is removed and isolated to prevent access to the local system.

In the odd case where an email that contains a spoofing link managed to pass all the filters, if the user clicks on it, the ContinuIT Content Protection system, evaluates the request and prevents access to the website with a bad reputation. This technology can also be used to prevent improper usage of internet by employees or to simply track internet usage patterns and behavior.

Security risks are such that regardless of all levels of implementation, we believe it is important to sustain regular conversations with users regarding their behavior while browsing the internet as well as best practices for identity and private information protection.

ContinuIT Education Services provides formal and informal training for employees. Among other topics, that may include short how-to seminars, new tools or systems implemented at their company and more, Identity Protection, Safe Browsing, Threat Identification and other security concerns are presented to ensure the company’s digital assets are always protected.

As you can see, the simple action of receiving an email, creates a level of security risk that can cost the company hard cash because of downtime, loss of productivity and much more in loss of reputation if data is compromise. Email, a very basic communication tool in today’s businesses, has been used countless times to gain access to corporate resources, start internal attacks, steal user and company information.

ContinuIT multi-layered approach to securing your network virtually eliminates the potential of a threat accessing your internal resources and compromising your business an gives you back peace of mind and confidence on your technology.


Contact us today to request a FREE, no obligation Network Security Assessment! Our engineers will explain in plain English what needs to be done to completely analyze your technology infrastructure to ensure there are no holes that can be exploited to steal your livelihood.

The information we collect is not personally identifiable, provides us no access to your patient data or your network afterwards, and is kept confidential. We can only use it to generate the reports you need to fully understand your risk level and what actions need to take place to fix any problems we can find.

You can download a sample of the reports using the form on the right side of the screen.



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