HIPAA by the numbers

Data breaches hurt patients, medical practices and businesses. Complying with HIPAA is of the most importance, but breach investigations are much more likely to occur than HIPAA audits. Why would you say? Well, there is only one federal agency that conducts HIPAA audits, while many federal and state agencies enforce data breach penalties. Data breaches can also turn into very expensive lawsuits.

While we believe HIPAA is very important, and we provide the tools and reports to report on your compliance, we do believe that focusing in protection against data breaches provides the best value for our customers.

But why is prevention and protection so important? Let me share some numbers that will hopefully clarify it for you:

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Why are Healthcare organizations prime target for cybersecurity attacks?

While all businesses are targets for cybersecurity attacks, Healthcare providers such as doctors, dentists, and chiropractors, are prime targets for cybersecurity attacks.

Let’s look at a few reasons we have found over the years that makes your practice a “honeypot” for hackers and online thieves:

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