Medical practice spends thousands of dollars to determine if data was stolen during security breach

A few months back we received a call to our help desk with complaints about data not being accessible at one of our customer’s locations. Soon additional calls were landing with the same complaint.

It didn’t take long to realize something was really wrong!

Initial troubleshooting and investigation uncovered what we already feared: They had been hacked!!

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ContinuIT, a multi-layered approach to network security


Securing a network requires a multi-layer approach. The ContinuIT Network is protected from threats and attacks that spread through email, Internet browsing, file sharing and more by monitoring and filtering at multiple locations inside and outside the network.

Internal and external security monitoring and remediation are key to ensuring that what had been secured, continues to be even though the normal changes to the network, the usage patterns of the users and the ever evolving tricks hackers use to take advantage of the people operating the technology.

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