Creating a Security Management Plan that makes sense

One of the biggest struggles we see healthcare professional experience nowadays is the understanding of their current level of security risk and how to manage security is a way that makes economic sense to their practice while reducing risk to an acceptable level.

While HIPAA compliance and abiding to the rule are one of the main reasons a security management plan comes to the forefront of the discussion, the truth is that, the real concern for many is how much can they afford to be the target of a successful cyber-attack. The answer is normally “very little”, which makes sense as, regardless of the compliance requirements, the real cost of an attack could be the complete loss of your practice.

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Medical practice spends thousands of dollars to determine if data was stolen during security breach

A few months back we received a call to our help desk with complaints about data not being accessible at one of our customer’s locations. Soon additional calls were landing with the same complaint.

It didn’t take long to realize something was really wrong!

Initial troubleshooting and investigation uncovered what we already feared: They had been hacked!!

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