5 Pillars Framework


The 5 Pillars Framework was designed to provide a consistent way to manage technology and security and ensure constant availability of technology resources for our customers. When fully implemented, the 5 Pillars Framework will virtually eliminate unforeseen computer issues, provide a fast and reliable network environment and completely lock down your network preventing hackers from gaining access to your customer's information.

Infrastructure: Managing your ever changing technology infrastructure is critical for the continuous availability and performance of your systems. Monitoring, maintaining and configuring to ensure everything is working as expected all day, every day is the first pillar of the framework.

Support: Regardless of how much it is designed to prevent issues, as long as users operate technology, a problem is bound to appear. When it happens you want fast, reliable and professional technicians helping your users get back to work. We are proud of the level and quality of our support services, which include both remote and onsite services in an unlimited basis.

Continuity: In the event of a major problem or a technology disaster, which may include nature, vandalism, fire, theft and more, you must have a plan and the resources to restore your business operation and get back to business fast. Here is where you need a partner that is ready to navigate the worst situation and come out successful on the other side.

Security: Cyber attacks have become daily news, and it is not only a problem that affects large business. In reality, over 81% of breaches happen to small and medium sized business and 97% of all attacks could have been prevented. A security plan and a multilayered approach to securing your organization is not a luxury anymore, but the key factor that will define if you remain in business for the long run.

Compliance: And when you thought you have done all and everything to stay in business, you still need to look at regulations, audits, training and other compliance requirements that your industry faces. Our compliance services, both PCI and HIPAA, will keep you up to standards, and provide you all the tools you need to demonstrate that you are in compliance.

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