The ContinuIT Office


Today, the small business owner needs a reliable platform that will help him to stay ahead of the curve, providing them with speed, mobility and access while keeping resources secure and information under control.

Yet, small businesses don’t have the resources to develop an internal IT department. Often they settle for less than what they need, simply because they believe they can’t afford any better.

ContinuIT is a 360 degrees IT department, complete with technicians, engineers, IT manager and CIO. This is all provided as a flat rate, all inclusive, proactive service.

The ContinuIT office (the concept behind Altronics’ service) looks at every technology need that you have, whether you are a healthcare practice, professional service company, or association/non-profits. We can help you no matter if you own 1 to 50 machines. We can implement a program that delivers a reliable environment and predictable experience. As a result, you and your company benefit from enhanced security, dramatic reduction of ongoing problems, higher performance, increased availability of your resources and the right information. Now you can make IT decisions with sound advice and a vested interest in your benefit.

The ContinuIT Office is supported on four strong pillars, each one as important as the other and delivered in the a combination to fit the budget of any size of company.

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