Fellow Small Business Owner…


bluecheck Are you tired of dealing with technology problems that seem to never end?
bluecheck What about these issues that were supposed to be fixed, yet you are paying again and again to solve the same problem?
bluecheck Is your IT provider sending you his junior guy who seems to be learning on the job and your dime?
bluecheck Are you getting hit with outrageous bills for services you didn’t even know you authorized?
bluecheck Worst yet, is IT a black box that nobody cares to explain to you and is sucking inexplicable amounts of money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

All of Altronics’ clients came searching for answers and found out how we offer a different experience. We take care of your IT so you can relax and take care of your business.

Being pampered by your technology team isn’t common, but it is our way.

So if you are

  • Tired of double guessing your current provider,
  • Trying to figure out if a recommendations is needed or just another sales pitch,
  • Tired of waiting for a tech to show up

let us show you the ContinuIT difference!

See what Randy, one of our current clients, thinks of ContinuIT.

randyrawson“When we contracted for the Continuit service with Altronics Communications, it was the difference between night and day.  Always there, always responsive in the most timely and efficient ways, Continuit provided my company with a new Director of IT without any of the HR or personnel costs normally associated with adding an employee.”

He is not the only one; see more of these stories here

Healthcare practices, professional services companies and associations and nonprofits across the Americas, from the U.S. to Argentina are discovering the benefits of making their offices a ContinuIT Office.

Let me show you how